The Six Weeks Online Package

Comprehensive Success – We’ll go over your entire journey with you, from getting started to maximizing results. You’ll learn exactly what will make you successful, why the path exists and how to stay on it.

Ready to get more out of life? The Online Package is for you. With me as your virtual coach, we’ll work together to achieve your specific goals – lose weight, gain muscle, reduce stress – and I’m with you every step of the way. My personalised approach is just what you need!

Look and feel great, lose weight and get in shape the easy way. If you want to lose at least 10lbs then our online package is for you!

My personalised workout programme is all about finding the best way to workout for you. It is customised to suit your goals, ability and experience level. Whether you want to strengthen your core, build strength and stamina in your legs, or improve flexibility and mobility in your hips, our workout programme delivers! All exercises are filmed so you know how to workout safely and effectively, no matter how much time you have.

My fully customised meal plan is here to help you achieve your goals! I will be able to deliver a meal plan that is completely tailored for you and your needs, including your lifestyle and schedule. My flexible approach means that we can easily adapt your plans based on your particular needs and preferences at any time during the programme. Even better: I’ll show you how to make healthy meals from scratch so you don’t end up buying a bunch of pre-packaged food that isn’t good for you. I love taking care of my clients, so let us take care of this one!

This is an online package that gives you access to my coaching, videos and resources. Unlike other programmes that require you to meet with your coach at a certain time, I’m available to you through my app whenever you need. I’m here for you! With my exclusive app, it’s easy to contact me to ask questions or discuss concerns. Communicate with me via email, calls and/or text messages – even instant messaging right through the app! Regular check-ins are a great way to stay on track with your goals! Receiving daily messages throughout the week will let you know how you’re doing, and how you can improve.

Keep track of your progress by entering your results, photo, measurements, weight, and more. I’ll show you where you started and where you’re headed to help keep you motivated on the road to feeling great.

To All The Mums Out There

Start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle and weight loss with Leanstrongmum.