Join Rachel Dor-chay live as  she personally teaches you over the next 7 days how to rejuvenate your well-being

A 7-Day health revival FREE challenge for addressing health concerns for mothers over 35 

Why Join The FREE 7 Day Health Revival Challenge?

Ask yourself: Are you a mother over 35 who wants to prioritise your health and well-being? Are you determined to enhance your overall well-being by effectively managing health concerns like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and body aches, while also making progress towards your weight loss and toning aspirations? If you’re nodding along, then the 7-Day Health Revival Challenge is specifically designed for you!

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to exercise for your health condition


  • Discover the one tool you need to control your portion sizes and lose weight once and for all


  • Discover how to get clarity on your goals


  • Discover why focusing on your health is important to you right  now


  • Uncover why resistance training is key to your health and fitness


  • Learn how to ignite your environment for weight loss & toning victory!


  • Understand the the power of progress tracking

Challenge begins 5th June 2023