What our customers say

This class provides a great workout enabling my baby to be part of the session. Great for mothers on maternity leave as you can bring your baby along. Very entertaining for the babies so they enjoy it too. It is a really useful class to try and tone the post-baby weight.

Ilana Neumann

Rachel asked me what I wanted to see and I told her; a reduction in back fat, slimmer arms, less belly fat – I could not believe I got the exact results I asked for – Rachel custom made me a plan and it worked!!!!

Brakha Yafit Howard

amazing to fell fit again and lose tummy fat! and so great to be able to workout from home!

Chaya Simmonds

I did a 3 week programme with Rachel and she was very professional and I was pleased with my results. It was a simple and easy to follow plan and the recipes were great. In just over 2 weeks I lost 5 lbs and when I took measurements there was a difference.

Neelam Farmah

Rachel is passionate and enthusiastic about what she does. This makes you want to do well when training and following the great food she recommends. Before meeting Rachel II felt I was stuck with no weight loss despite eating healthy and training nearly everday. My metabolism was really slow. Rachel inspired me and gave my metabolism a big wake up. I lost over 1st in weight but more than that my body shape changed and I lost inches. I went from a size 16 tops to a size 10/12 Each appointment there was a different challenge and I soon felt the benefits and felt much stronger. I can’t thank her enough. Give her plans and gosls a try everyone! What have you got to loose! Oh yes weight and inches whilst gaining energy and health!

Debra Pope

Did a 7 week plan and the results I achieved are amazing. Rachel plans your workout routines and diet advice your needs and preferences. I never thought it would be this easy to lose weight and tone up but it really is. A lot of things I learned I will definitely keep in place from now on. Don’t just think about signing up with Rachel, do it, you wont regret it.

Diane Beattie

I have just completed the 28 day jumpstart programme. I had my 3rd baby 4 months ago and struggling to lose weight. Main problems were snacking between meals and feeling very uncomfortable. Starting to feel fed up with how I felt so decided to do something and signed up with Rachel. She gave me a focus and goal to work on after our first consultation after listening to me and my habits. This really helped improve my eating and reduced my snacking significantly. She got me back exercising and feeling more positive. So at the end of the 28 days its actually quite amazing that I’ve lost around 9 inches! But my weight hasn’t actually changed. This is because Rachel explained I am losing fat! This is only the beginning as the changes have taught me you shouldn’t always relay on the scales. If I wasn’t doing measurements I might have felt very different at the end of the 28 days. I feel better in general and a lot more comfortable in myself. Thank you helping me get back on track and refocusing!

Harriet Eaton

I had previously lost weight through another “diet group” but after a time, I stopped loosing weight. No matter how many meetings I went to on the previous diet group, I really didn’t understand. At times, in my previous group, I also felt stupid and I felt I being belittled. Rachel did not make me feel stupid. She was patient, approachable and encouraging. During my time with Rachel, I lost 17 inches, she taught me how to portion my meals, what to eat more of and what to eat less. Rachel taught me that I could have treats and not feel like I was cheating. Rachel gave me fabulous recipes and menus and I look forward to continuing using these recipes and using the knowledge that I gained.

Mindy Beenstock

I love how professional Rachel is and how prepared she was for our session, Rachel made me feel challenged and motivated throughout and I felt great afterwards. If your looking for a coach to guide you through your fitness journey, defo try her out

Meytal Heller