Rachel’s H3 Method

Leanstrongmum relies on the Holistic  Method – a specialised process that uses 3 core elements in each client’s personalised plan. It integrates:

  • Healthy Way – exercise the right way for your body and your goals
  • Habits – learn how to make those weekly habits stick
  • Heartiness – nutrition that fills the heart and tantalises the taste buds.

Take back control of your body without the mummy guilt; what your body, mind and sprit need to get you to where you want to be!

The Six Weeks Online Package – The Best-Selling Programme

Personalised Workout Programme – All exercises are filmed, so you know how to workout safely and effectively – whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, you’ll have exercises convenient to you!

Customised Flexible Meal Plan – A fully customised meal plan for you and your goals, as well as your lifestyle and your schedule. Recipes, menus, and shopping lists make meal prep fun for a change!

Time and Train on Your Schedule – Unlike typical 1:1 programmes, where you need to meet at your coach’s convenience, with the online package, I’m available to you through my app whenever you need. Have to go into work early or have a meeting run a little late? Not a problem – train when you want!

Communication, Communication, Communication! I have developed an app that allows you to be in touch with me whenever you want or need. With email, calls, texts, or instant messaging through the app, you can contact me at your convenience for added support and answers to questions.

Regular Check-ins – Receive regular check-in emails and messages throughout the week, to ensure that you stay on track to get the results you’re looking for!

Track Your Progress – Enter your results photo, measurements, and weight in the app to see how you’re improving as you move through your journey.

1:1 Meetings – Meet six times with me personally on zoom.

PRICE – Was £1,200 –  NOW ONLY  £600 ***Flexible payment options available***

Studio Package

6 Sessions – You get six weeks of 1:1 workout 

Full Health & Fitness Assessment – Education on health and fitness topics tailored to your needs!

For Mums On The Go – You’re already out and about in the Manchester Prestwhich area – stop by my studio where children are welcome!

Increased Accountability – Actually doing the workouts consistently is where I see most mums run into trouble. Having somewhere to go to workout will give you a sense of purpose and accountability you won’t find elsewhere!

Exercise Variety – It’s easy to become bored or to plateau with a standard workout routine. With me, you’ll get to try new exercises each week that we work together!

PRICE £185 


Mobile Package

6 sessions – You get six weeks of 1:1 workout 

Full Health & Fitness Assessment – Education on health and fitness topics tailored to your needs!

For Stay-At-Home Mums – I bring the coaching to you. We meet weekly in your home in the Manchester Prestwhich area, so there’s no need to drag the little ones out for you to get a workout!

Accountability Built-In – It’s so much easier to stay on the couch or lounge in bed than it is to get up and get that workout in. But when someone’s coming to you, you’re that much more likely to make the effort!

Variety and Better Workouts – If you find yourself always gravitating to the same exercises, this programme will help you gently move out of your comfort zone to improve weight loss and shaping. You’ll also find that you work harder with a trainer at your side – a win-win!

PRICE £245


To All The Mums Out There

During this call, we will map out a game plan on how you can reach your goal.