6 Weeks Online Group Coaching:

Winning, Weight loss & Wellness

Discover Our Online Programme: Wining, Weight loss & Wellness

This programme is perfect for every busy mum, whether you’re starting fresh or seeking a rejuvenating change. We’re all about fostering gradual, sustainable shifts rather than strict diets – building the stepping stones to lasting transformations.

Fed up with fad diets that never deliver lasting results? Step into a holistic weight loss journey designed for busy mums. Achieve real transformation and a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Our coaching programme offers you a roadmap to regain your energy, rediscover your vibrant self, and feel confident in your own skin.

Whats involved?

  • Personalised calories and portions
  • Food lists
  • Step goals
  • Home or gym based workouts
  • Mindset work
  • App access
  • Whatsapp group support
  • One-to-one support through email
  • Fun challenges
  • Measurements, photos and progress checks
  • Weekly check-in forms
  • Weekly coaching session


Next group intake 9 October 2023

£240 for 6 weeks but… We’re excited to invite you to be part of our testing phase, where your valuable feedback will shape the programme. To show our appreciation, we’re offering this exclusive opportunity at only £120

Join the fortunate 15 participants who will not only enjoy a remarkable transformation but also play a pivotal role in refining our offering.

Your path to health, fitness, and weight loss is just the beginning of an incredible transformation. Get ready to unlock empowerment and reveal your untapped potential!

Why join NOW?

You know that whole ‘right time’ thing we’ve all been waiting for?

Well, news flash – life’s like a never-ending roller coaster, and it’s not about to slow down just because we want to start something new. We’re all juggling a gazillion things, and if we wait for the stars to align perfectly, we might be waiting forever.

So, let’s get down to brass tacks. The best time to dive into something? Yes, you guessed it – now. Right this very moment. Because honestly, if we’re being honest, there’s never goning to be a time when things are magically calm and quiet.

Another reason to start now? The programme is an incredible 50% discount, which means you can enjoy significant savings. What’s even better is that if you decide to join now, you’ll be able to lock in this special price for as long as you remain a part of our programme!

What are the steps to start with our group programme?

Submit Application Form

  1. Visit our program’s application page and complete the provided form.
  2. Share essential details about yourself, your goals, and your current wellness status.

Welcome and Onboarding

  1. Within 24 hours of payment, you will receive a comprehensive welcome email.
  2. This email will include the programmes start date, schedule, and instructions on accessing our platform.
  3. You’ll also find details about the community forum, where you can connect with other participants.

Work and Play in the Programme

  1. Dive into engaging activities designed to address nutrition, fitness, mindset, and more.
  2. Make use of provided tools to track your progress and achievements.



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