Fitter Mum On-the-Go: Your Mobile Gym Solution!

Get in the best shape of your life with personal training that focuses on strength and confidence

You might already know that mobile personal training (aka ‘home’, ‘in-home’ or ‘at-home’ personal training) is having a personal trainer who comes to your home – bringing all of the equipment, knowledge and support to help you achieve the health & fitness results you want.

Technically, mobile personal training is when I physically come to your house to take you through home workout.

Why mobile personal training can work better than gym personal training?


The reality is that, for many, paying for a gym membership AND personal training just isn’t cost effective – why should half your money go to keeping the lights on and for a whole load of equipment you don’t need (or use)? Only to expose yourself and your workout routine for all to see, while you and your trainer pretend you’re not surrounded by sweaty strangers and wall-to-wall mirrors?

That’s where I come in, literally showing up on your doorstep to solve all your fitness needs!

Benefits of mobile personal training
  1. Convenience and Flexibility of Home Visits
  2. Private Workouts in your Own Space
  3. Increased Accountability and Motivation
  4. 100% Personalised Attention
  5. More Efficient Use of Time
  6. Integrate Workouts Into Home Life
  7. Influence Your Family

Thank you so much, I feel amazing already! You did a good job yesterday, and I’m not in pain either! You’re amazing! Took me too long.


Michal Radai

I am really glad I decided to work with you. You listened and understood my goals well and you were so good at finding what exercises were best for me,


Rivka Olsberg

Sessions are 30 minutes