Mobile Personal Training

Personal Training Comes To You!

The Mobile Package  brings the coaching to you at your home in the Manchester, Prestwich area. With little ones underfoot, it’s not always the simplest thing to pack up and head out, even for that ever-important coaching programme. You need this, more importantly, you want this, but you can’t seem to get yourself started or keep it up once you’ve begun. I provide encouragement and accountability, right at your door. 


  • 6 sessions – You get six weeks of 1:1 workout
  • Full Health & Fitness Assessment – Education on health and fitness topics tailored to your needs!
  • For Stay-At-Home Mums – I bring the coaching to you. We meet weekly in your home in the Prestwich, Manchester area, so there’s no need to drag the little ones out for you to get a workout!
  • Accountability Built-In – It’s so much easier to stay on the couch or lounge in bed than it is to get up and get that workout in. But when someone’s coming to you, you’re that much more likely to make the effort!
  • Variety and Better Workouts – If you find yourself always gravitating to the same exercises, this programme will help you gently move out of your comfort zone to improve weight loss and shaping. You’ll also find that you work harder with a trainer!

To All The Mums Out There

Start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle and weight loss with Leanstrongmum.