Sometimes putting off weight seems like the most difficult task in the world!

Many mums spend hours and tons of energy exercising and doing extreme diets. However, they realize that nothing seems to be working. In fact, sometimes it might seem like you’re gaining weight instead of losing it!

The problem is that diets do more harm to your body than good. After all, your body will respond negatively if you’re completely avoiding certain foods or entire food groups.

That’s why in this blog, we’re going to discuss the dangers of dieting.

You Might Feel Sick

Many fad diets have severe consequences on your body. Diets like intermittent fasting in which you restrict food intake for long stretches of time can make you feel sick. This is especially true if you fast for longer periods during the course of the week.

That’s because according to research, intermittent fasting can cause you to experience headaches, lethargy, and even fatigue. Additionally, constipation is also a side effect of intermittent fasting.

Your Metabolism Rate Slows Down

Unfortunately, our body actively conspires against losing weight.

Metabolism is the number of calories we need as fuel to perform vital functions for life. Our metabolism rate rises when we eat more and decreases when we eat less.

This becomes a problem when you try and watch your caloric intake with diets. So, the more you try and manage your caloric intake through diets, the more your metabolism rate slows down to maintain your weight.

This is because of the influence of leptin, the body’s hormone telling you you’re no longer hungry. So, diets can actually turn your bodies into fat-storing machines.

This results in mums trying to work harder and pushing themselves with their caloric restriction or exercise to reach their goals. However, this leads to burnout and disappointment. Most mums even fall off the diet and revert back to their old eating habits.

You’ll Lose Hair

Did you know that you’ll lose your hair if you embark on a low-calorie diet? That’s because the lack of nutrients disrupts your hair follicles which impacts your hair’s growth and structure.

You’ll Gain the Weight Easily After Diet

Fad diets don’t teach us how to eat healthy foods at the right times. Instead, they restrict our food intake. This causes our metabolism to slow down. However, you gain all that weight back when you return to your previous eating habits and start eating more calories again. Sometimes, you might even gain more weight than you lost!

a mum losing weight healthily

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