Honesty is always the best policy.

That’s what I say anyways

And sometimes it’s easy to forget. Just like when considering why you’re really not getting in shape.

It’s really easy to think about the times you’ve been good.

I do my workouts

I ate really well this week – 80% “good”

I worked so hard a that class

I don’t really drink

But often when you really think about it….

We probably didn’t go that often

We had those biscuits at work we like to forget

We hid at the back of the class hoping the instructor wouldn’t see me pretending I was doing burpees…..

The thing is, we know how to get in shape.

But we struggle.

And can be a touchy subject when confronted with it.

You have to be honest and take responsibility about why you’re really not getting the results you want.

And 99 out of 100 cases WILL be –


  1. You’re eating too much – everyone remembers the 3 days where we ate hardly anything, but do you remember the 3 days of overeating?
  2. You’re not eating the right things – your food choices are effecting energy levels, sleep, blood sugar levels, satiety
  3. You’re not exercising enough – are you exercising 3 times per week or brisk walking most days?
  4. You’re not exercising hard enough – Oooh yes I said it!
  5. You’re not sleeping enough


Then it’s just a case of working at one of those problems.

Once you accept you’re doing something wrong, it’s easily changed.

And this is the basis of the Anti Diet Programme

It’s not rocket science but it gives you a solid step by step plan to cover the key areas of understanding exactly why you’re not losing weight, then helping you overcome those obstacles.

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